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Croc O'Dile
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I'm a little different.

Ever since I was young, I've had a passion for entertaining others and being a smart ass, often acting out to get attention. Feeling relatively unpopular and unremarkable for most of my school years, I decided that putting on a costume and acting like an animal sounded like a fantastic idea. Eventually my pipe dream became a goal and I transferred to the University of Florida in my fourth year of college, circa 1992.

A disappointingly unsuccessful bid at becoming UF's mascot, Albert the Alligator, punctuated my ill-advised transfer and I came to California in 1997 seeking a new and more exciting life. Fortunately, the decision has been pretty good to me.

I am a founding member of Critters By The Bay, a costumed character performing group in the San Francisco Bay Area, and maintain the LJ community behindtheseams, for discussion of performance in mascot-style costumes. In addition I have made various appearances over the past decade as Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Scooby-Doo and even got a taste of pro mascot life as DC United's Talon the Eagle.

Here are the Fab Five, my co-conspirators in craziness, as rendered by the incomparable scape_goat:

Music has always been my biggest influence and best friend through the years. Even at the age of 5, I was already amassing a collection of 45's and listening to "American Top 40" religiously. Over the years I have collected some 500+ 12" vinyl singles and thousands of CDs of all genres. More recently I have been doing my own remixes and mashups under the alias of AudioDile (see above webpage).

"Croc" has been my preferred nickname for over a decade now. I currently live with some friends and celebrated husband yippee.

This journal is more or less a hybrid of a diary and an editorial column of sorts. Questions and comments are always encouraged. Thank you for reading.
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